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Thank you Day of Caring volunteers!

You came together, you pitched in, you painted, hammered, dug, fixed, built, scraped and scrubbed. You took time out of your busy schedule to join the effort. Because of your generosity and dedication a great deal was accomplished in one short day.

  • A record breaking 854 volunteers pitched in, investing nearly 7,000 hours in our community
  • 41 projects were completed throughout Bismarck-Mandan and surrounding communities 
  • $214, 526.22 in savings can be reinvested into life-changing community programs and organizations
  • More than 100 local businesses pitched in to support the event through sponsorships, in-kind donations and providing employees a paid volunteer day

Looking beyond the numbers, you've proven just how powerful we are when we LIVE UNITED!

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  • Secondary Accident & Liability Insurance Coverage
  • AAA Discount (15% off)
  • Free transit rides to/from volunteer assignments for volunteers 55 and up

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